Consumers V/S Lovers

They were never in love.
At least, not with each other.
They were in love with the idea of relationship.
That’s why they rushed into it.
Then it was never about being together.
It was always a lid on the anxiety of being single.
That’s why they had a ton of drama.
They were people.
They saw each other as facilities.
To be consumed, not built.
That’s why there were guilt-traps.
And whole lot of being taken for granted.
And petty revenges, sure. A lot of those.
Of course, the breakup was spectacular!
Of course, the aim was never to find love –
– although both thought it was.
No, it was about recharging a convenient belief:
“I’m so special that being with me isn’t for the ordinary.”
An escape from accepting the harsh reality:
“I’m not mentally adult enough for a relationship.”
The search for the magical extra-ordinary is still on.

© Counselor Apoorva

{Wish you a strong life.
Thank you, if shared.
Please share with author’s name.}

#relationship #love

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